Hummingbirds and Pizza

Again, I’m writing about two completely different topics, except this time I found a way to tie them together. :)  I enjoy having family traditions, even simple, basic ones, and I think my mom has helped us start a new family tradition! She has a hummingbird feeder at her house that’s hanging by her fuchsia plant (that I traditionally buy her each year for Mothers’ Day!), and she loves watching the the sweet, little birds come to drink from the feeder.  She wanted to share that experience with us in a special way, so she bought us two hummingbird feeders and mixed the sugar water to put in them, and, together with my younger children, she hung the feeders up on the porch.  This tradition is especially neat because my mother-in-law also loved hummingbirds, so watching for hummingbirds is actually a tradition on both sides of the family!

And the hummingbirds have been coming!  Here are a couple pictures my 7-year-old son took this morning (I apologize for not fixing the flag so that it hangs correctly; I feel bad about that!).  My son took these pictures through the window on our front porch.  Isn’t the hummingbird pretty?

Another simple tradition, in a completely different vein!, that our family has is watching a movie on Friday nights.  We’ve watched a movie together as a family on Fridays for years now.  I’m not sure when we started doing that, but I can’t remember not having Fridays as movie night.

Sometime, I think last year, I started making personal pizzas on Friday night to eat while we watch the movie, and that has become a tradition, too.  Each person puts topping on their own pizza however they want.  I think it’s fun!

Here are two awesome pizza dough recipes: Robbie’s Thin Pizza Crust and Robbie’s Whole Wheat Pizza Crust.  Those are the recipes that got me started.  Now I just kind of throw the dough together by memory, and it turns out pretty well, though maybe I should re-read the recipes to make sure I’m not missing any great hints that I’ve forgotten since the last time I read them.  I usually use all whole wheat flour (the crust turns out softer, though, when I add some white flour to it). Last night I experimented and put some garlic powder, crushed basil, and chia seeds that had been ground in a coffee grinder in with the dough (I added the chia seed meal to increase the nutrition of the dough), and I thought it turned out fine (no one complained, so I took that as a good sign;)).  Here are pictures of our pizzas from last night.

My 13-year-old son's pizza

My 7-year-old son's pizza

My 11-year-old daughter's pizza

My 16-year-old daughter's pizza

My pizza!

They are all vegan pizzas, by the way, and they are so yummy! You might be wondering where my husband’s pizza is. He eats (mostly) gluten-free, and I admit I haven’t been making pizzas for him because of that, but I think I’ll look up a recipe for him this week. I’ll let you know if I make him a gluten-free pizza next time and how it goes. :)

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