A Deer and Strawberry Jam

Those are two completely different topics, by the way. The deer had nothing to do with the strawberry jam, except that I saw the deer around the time I made the jam this morning. ;)

My 7-year-old son spotted the deer outside in our yard through the front window. It was enjoying eating leaves! I love deer, well, okay, even when they eat my roses, . . . and tulips, though I wish they wouldn’t do that! They are, though, such noble, beautiful, peaceful animals. Just look at these eyes. How can you not love this creature?

Deer eating leaves

Now regarding the jam. . . first of all, I want to say that my mom is one of the sweetest and kindest people in the world! She’s always doing thoughtful things to encourage me and bless our family. Yesterday she brought over some Mrs. Wages No Cook Freezer Jam Fruit Pectin for me to try. She also brought over and washed and cut up 2 lbs. of fresh strawberries to use to make the jam.

This morning I smashed the strawberries a bit. In another container I mixed half a package (about 7 1/2 teaspoons) of the pectin with 1/2 cup of xylitol and 1/4 cup of turbinado sugar and stirred them together. Then I poured the mixture into the strawberries and stirred them up. And, voila! There you go. . . as quick as can be we had fresh, uncooked, delicious strawberry jam! Two pounds of strawberries (and half a package of the fruit pectin) made four jars of jam with some leftover to put on our toast this morning. Yum!!

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