Biting my Lip

See that funny picture of me biting my lip?  I’m not sure why I’m biting my lip there, maybe I was just thinking about something, but that’s common for me, both biting my lip and looking funny, that is ;) , and sometimes I bite my lip when I am nervous about something.  I get anxious far too often, and it’s really frustrating.  I wish I could make myself be more self-assured, confident, assertive, and, especially, I’d love to be calm and peaceful.  Apparently I often give off a calm vibe, despite my lip-biting, but inside I too often am struggling with anxiety, with thoughts going every which way, doubts and worry and dislike of myself creeping into my mind, threatening to fill it up and burst out.  I’m going to be 42 this month, and I’m awfully tired of having so much anxiety.  It’s especially worrisome when I see my children picking up my anxiety.  I really want to change and grow in this area for myself and for my family.

I’m trying to take small steps and push myself in hopes that I will grow. In my last post I mentioned that I drove on the freeway the other day, and that was an exciting accomplishment for me considering my anxiety over driving on the freeway.  Another thing I’m doing is looking into Toastmasters.  I’ve attended one meeting so far and am going to attend another meeting today.  I’m not speaking there yet. I’m just being brave by going at all.  But it’s a start!!  I’ll keep you posted.


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