Another Sunny Day

It’s a gorgeous sunny day again today. The ground was frosty, but it feels like spring, and I did some yard work! My two younger children helped me for awhile. Here’s something fun — my little boy was talking yesterday about chores and saying how he enjoys them. Pretty cool, hunh? LOL I sure hope he can hang on to that. It will help him throughout life. :)

Yesterday I didn’t finish all of the chores on my list, but I did keep busy! Here’s what I did. . . I changed the litter in the other litter box. I swept and mopped the bathroom floor. I started picking up the hallway, but still need to finish picking it up and need to vacuum and the stairway. I started cleaning the front entry, but still have more to do before it’s finished. I started a load of laundry. It’s drying right now, and I’ve started another load, too. I even have some sheets hanging on the line outside! I finished dishes yesterday and went to bed with a clean sink. Woohoo!! :D

Here’s my list for today:

* Finish picking up the upstairs hallway and vacuum it
* Vacuum the stairway
* Finish cleaning up the front entry
* Finish up the laundry that I started
* Keep up on the dishes and go to bed with a clean sink

Keeping a list is really helping me! Of course I’ve been doing this for what, 3 days now, so who knows how long it will last, but I’m going to keep plugging along!

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