A Walk in the Sunny Park!

My youngest leaping exuberantly!!

Just as a side note, I’m listening on Rhapsody to the album “Starkindler: A Celtic Conversation Across Time” by Michael Card. I am really, really enjoying it. ♥

My kids and I went for a walk in the park this afternoon, and it was so beautifully sunny outside. The sun even felt warm, and it was pleasant without a coat. . . until the sun sank lower in the sky, that is. Brrrr. . . then I sure wish I had worn a coat. My little boy and I got such cold hands!

Turtles on a log

Turtles on a log

But back to the sun, oh, it was wonderful, and the animals in the park were enjoying it, too! We heard a lot of birds and saw turtles there for the first time, sunning themselves on a log in the water. There were cormorants on another log on the other side of the lake. They are a type of bird that doesn’t have a pretty singing voice LOL, but they look so gorgeous and noble.

We had a really nice walk. I love happy times like that! Thank you, God!! ♥ And now, I need to go make pizza dough, so we can have pizza while we watch our movie tonight. :)


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