Licorice Herbal Tea and Memories

Isn’t it amazing how smells and tastes can spark memories? Today I had some licorice herbal tea and the scent and taste reminded me of a time so long ago when my husband and I, pre-kids, went and stayed at a hotel by the beach in Lincoln City, OR.

When we got to our room I was so excited when I spotted a little coffee maker on the table. I didn’t want coffee, though. Tea is more my thing. I love herbal tea! We bought some licorice tea at the store, and I made some and drank it in our room. Have you ever had any? It’s taste and smell are distinctive. I’m not sure why, but I haven’t had much of that particular flavor over the years, and when I do it reminds me of how much I enjoyed that wonderful, though short, vacation. Here’s a picture I took of my husband on that day. ♥

about 18 years ago...

What scents and smells bring back good memories for you?

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